Judge: Fort Smith Police, City Must Comply With Requests In Whistle Blower Case

Fort Smith Police Chief Kevin Lindsey and two other officers named in an Arkansas Whistle Blower lawsuit must do more to comply with discovery requests from the plaintiffs, a judge ruled Friday.

The 42-page complaint claims Bales, Sampson and Entmeier were retaliated against with “a variety of baseless claims” for “communicating to the proper authority (e.g. Defendant Lindsey) suspected violations of policy and law in Addisen Entmeier’s (Rick Entmeier’s son) termination.” The complaint also alleges Sampson was additionally targeted for communicating suspected overtime irregularities in the dispatch center by Haney and his wife Emily Haney, a former dispatcher.

Emily Haney’s internal investigation was closed as not sustained on July 1, 2011. She resigned from the department July 26, 2011. Circuit Court Judge James Cox held a hearing Friday on the defendants’ motion to dismiss the lawsuit and Campbell’s motion to compel discovery requested by his clients. Continue>>>