An invitation to learn about Florida’s sunshine laws

From The Daytona Beach News Journal: Today’s column is about why it’s important for government to operate in the sunshine.

But before I become philosophical, let me get right to the main point: Consider this my personal invitation to you to attend the 2013 Sunshine Seminar on Wednesday, Oct. 23, hosted by Daytona State College.

The seminar will be at the college’s Mori Hosseini Center. It is sponsored by The Daytona Beach News-Journal and the League of Women Voters. The main speaker is Barbara Petersen, president of the First Amendment Foundation and Florida’s top expert on the state’s open meetings and public records laws.

If you are a citizen who wants to learn about the state’s sunshine laws and how to use them to keep track of local and state government activities, then you ought to attend this seminar. Public officials who want to ensure that they conduct the public’s business in the sunshine – and most public officials want to do just that – also should attend.

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