IL: Cop camera footage: Public record or police property?

It took more than a year for Chicago police – under pressure from the media and the public – to release video footage of the 2014 shooting that left Laquan McDonald dead, 16 bullets in his body. When a judge finally insisted the video be released, it cast major doubt on the police department’s version of events.
State secrets

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Local governments hide public records, face few consequences

Public contracts shrouded in secrecy

As witnesses and family members had maintained all along, the video showed that McDonald hadn’t lunged at police with a knife. He did have a knife and had slashed a tire on the police cruiser, but then began walking away. In the video, which was from a police dashboard camera, it looked as though the 17-year-old had been gunned down without provocation. Officer Jason Van Dyke has been charged with first-degree murder.

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