FOIA battle expands into costly power struggle in Loudon County (Virginia)

From The Washington Post's State of NoVa:

What we do know is that after Beverly Bradford snapped the one photo [pictured], Loudoun Board of Equalization (BOE) Chairman J. Scott Littner became quite upset. Twice, he interrupted the meeting to walk over to Bradford, loom over her and berate her, Bradford and witnesses have testified. Then Littner summoned a sheriff’s deputy, who escorted Bradford out of the meeting.

Bradford filed a Freedom of Information Act complaint. The Board of Supervisors urged the BOE to simply apologize to Bradford. Instead, the BOE hired a lawyer who has run up $54,000 in legal bills fighting the complaint and trashing Bradford in court. The Board of Supervisors is refusing to pay, and so the BOE is suing the Supervisors to force them to pay the bill.