Court decisions have weakened Texas’ open-government laws. Advocates hope that’s addressed this year.

Sarah Terrell was surprised to learn in 2016 that her son’s Houston high school was being renamed. In the span of one October week, it was announced — and then made official — that the High School for Performing and Visual Arts would now be called HSPVA Kinder, in honor of a local foundation that had donated $7.5 million to the school.

Terrell was curious: How could that have happened so quickly? Did other schools handle renaming decisions the same way?

So she filed an open-records request to see how the University of Houston had renamed three of its sports venues. But her attempt to learn more about how taxpayer-funded schools operate failed. After months of back-and-forth, she was denied all but one contract, and in the one she did receive, most of the information was redacted. (Read more here…)