Costly legal battle over FOIA complaint continues in Loudoun

From The Washington Post's State of NoVa:

The legal bills will continue to add up in the costly courtroom battle between a local freelance journalist and the Loudoun County Board of Equalization, a case that began with a confrontation at a tax appeal hearing last summer and continued Monday with the testimony of Board of Equalization Chairman J. Scott Littner in Loudoun County District Court.

The details surrounding the encounter between Littner and freelance reporter Beverly Bradford at the June 28 meeting remain in dispute. What isn’t debatable is the fact that a single photograph that Bradford took during the meeting has spiraled into a multifaceted dispute costing Loudoun upward of $80,000 in legal fees — and sparked a power struggle between the Board of Equalization and the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, which has refused to foot the bill for a case it wanted resolved out of court.