Campaign to cut waste uses recovery tools to improve performance, but challenges remain

From OMB Watch:

On June 13, President Obama signed an executive order (E.O.) initiating the "Campaign to Cut Waste." The E.O., titled "Delivering an Efficient, Effective, and Accountable Government," builds on many of the administration’s previous reforms while borrowing some of the better tools developed to execute and oversee the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act). However, its impact may be reduced due to recent budget cuts to a key government transparency fund.


The president’s latest initiative, which is another broad effort to cut waste and streamline the government, builds on previous successful reforms – including the Accountable Government Initiative, which imposes cost-cutting goals on federal agencies – while making use of some of the Recovery Act’s more effective oversight tools. The administration tasked Vice President Joe Biden with overseeing the new program.


A tug of war between OMB and federal agencies over the proper amount of disclosure has ensued over the last several months with no solution in sight, but OMB is still promising that it is just a "few weeks" away from the launch of a publicly available performance website. Proposed cuts to the E-Gov Fund could push that release back indefinitely.

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