BoCC approves county public records fees

Last Tuesday the Saguache Board of County Commissioners approved a motion to release the unapproved audio recordings of the BoCC meetings and written minutes (stamped “draft”) immediately following their meetings.

The resolution states that the charge will be $15 per recording either by USB or email and 25 cents per page for paper copies. No fees will be waived for any reason. The discussion of the fees was not listed as an item on the BoCC agenda.

The decision came in the wake of articles published in the Center Post-Dispatch last month that questioned the BoCC’s withholding of unapproved audio recordings and minutes, a practice that had prevailed for several months. The article pointed out that First Amendment right attorneys working with the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition (CFOIC) and other press organizations have written that unapproved recordings and minutes must be made available following the meetings. (Read more here…)