Bill In Kentucky Senate Could Keep Doctor Discipline Secret

If your doctor, social worker or therapist has violated professional standards, you have a right to that information under the open records law. But that could change under a bill before the state Senate.

The purpose of the 269-page bill is a reorganization of Kentucky’s licensing boards. But the bill also includes new language allowing discipline to be meted out via “a public reprimand or private letter of admonishment.”

The bill passed the House this month and must clear the Senate Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations committee to be considered by the full Senate.

State Sen. John Shickel, a Republican from Union and the committee co-chair, said the committee won’t vote on the bill this session, but will consider it during the interim session instead. He was not aware of the language about private admonishments.

“Transparency is always a concern,” he said. “I don’t know what the reason for the change was, but it’s such a lengthy and long bill, which is why I referred it to the interim session.” Read more…