Wisconsin Supreme Court rules law firm legal bills are public records

From Juneau County Star-Times:

(January 8, 2013) – The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Star-Times in a public records dispute with Juneau County.

In a 4-3 decision issued Tuesday, the high court let stand a 2011 appeals court ruling that granted the newspaper full access to legal bills issued by a Milwaukee law firm and paid by the county’s insurer.

“Today, the court affirmed the public’s right to information and the presumption in the open records law that the public has a right to government information except in extremely limited circumstances,” said Madison attorney Christa Westerberg, who argued the newspaper’s case.


Westerberg, who serves as vice president of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council, said the case breaks new ground in interpreting the Public Records Law.

Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council is a member of NFOIC.–eds.