Washington won’t say how much damage Snowden leaks did

The National Security Agency has repeatedly stated that leaks by former contractor Edward Snowden about its surveillance programs have compromised national security and harmed American foreign policy – but Washington remains unwilling to say how.

When pressed on the issue, officials tend to offer little in the way of details, while attempts to force the government to disclose information have so far failed to turn up any significant information. Vice News recently filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request regarding the damage done by Snowden – as seen by the government through its own internal investigations – but even though 112 documents were released, nearly everything was redacted.

Outside of a few subheadings – some of which read “assessment,” and “compromised information,” as well as “recommendations” – virtually all text from the documents was redacted in order to "mitigate the harm caused to national security," reads a declaration signed by Aleysia Williams, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s FOIA department. Continue>>>