Trenton rushing two bills shutting door on open government

ust before Christmas, they're trying to rush through the Legislature two bills that will close the door on open government.

The first bill allows Governor Christie to make money off a book deal while still in office. The other eliminates posting of legal notices in newspapers and instead require it only online. Both were rushed out of Senate and Assembly Committees.

These bills are part of the same deal and it's shameful that the Legislature is going along with this. Once again, they're selling out to the governor, no matter how bad it is. These bills will be up for floor votes as soon as Monday. Everyone should call their legislators and demand an independent press and no book deal for Christie!

The legal notice bill is NJ's equivalent to the voter identification law. It undermines the democratic process by making it more difficult for many people to get important information. Without these notices, there will be no one to watch town councils, planning boards, and other governmental agencies.

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