‘Transparent’ Indiana government often elusive

When Gov. Mike Pence unveiled his new $9 million government management system, he ran down a list of ways it would make state government work better before ending with the promise that state government will also be more ìtransparent.î

But last weekís rollout of the new Management and Performance Hub, which Pence vowed will make Indiana the best state in the nation at crunching big data, was plagued with confusion – and a lack of transparency. Pence said it would help eliminate duplicative programs but didnít identify which programs heíd targeted to cut. Even the most basic question – how much the state had paid for the program – proved problematic.

The promise of ìtransparentî government is almost universally popular among politicians. It evokes the vision of a truly ìsmall dî democratic government that is answerable to the people and supports the concept of public trust. Continue>>>