Texas city violates Open Meetings Act in session to teach … Open Meetings Act

An Odessa, Texas, “workshop” on the state’s Open Meetings Act was itself a violation of the Open Meetings Act, experts said.

Alan J. Bojorquez, an Austin-based attorney who lead the workshop, said the meeting was exempt because it was for informational purposes, the Odessa American reported. Bojorquez also claimed it was a private meeting because he called for it.

Open Meetings Act experts disagree with Bojorquez.

“It doesn’t matter who called the meeting,” said Kelley Shannon, executive director of the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas. “If it’s a quorum of the body it must be open to the public.”

Six of seven council members participated in the meeting.

Another aspect of the meeting in violation of Texas law, according to experts: The city did not publicly post the meeting in advance.