Texas attorney general asked to investigate Dallas police record handling

From Dallas Morning News:

The Dallas Morning News has asked the state attorney general’s office to investigate the Dallas Police Department for possible violations of state open-records laws.

The complaint letter sent last week by News attorney Paul Watler stems from a Dallas police policy that gives employees discretion to destroy email permanently. The policy has come under fire from open-government advocates. Watler’s letter comes more than two months after he first notified Dallas City Attorney Tom Perkins of potential violations of state law. Perkins never responded to the initial complaint.

The News urgently requests that the attorney general’s open records division investigate DPD’s compliance with the [Texas Public Information Act] and its record retention practices and procedures and take appropriate action to enforce applicable law, including the TPIA,” Watler wrote in the letter, which was sent to an official in the open records division of the attorney general’s office.