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Texas advocates to push public information act

From Standard-Times:

AUSTIN (Nov 25, 2012) — When Texas lawmakers meet, freedom of information advocates try to expand citizen access to government — and fight against proposals that block information.

That lobby effort is under way for the 2013 legislative session, when open government watchdogs will try to build on recent victories while battling bills that would place more limits on the Texas Public Information Act.


The Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas plans to make its positions known at the hearing and during the legislative session that starts Jan. 8, said executive director Keith Elkins. Among other issues, the foundation wants to make sure government business conducted on electronic devices is subject to public disclosure and ensure that government information involving third-party contracts is publicly available.

Also see an AP article from the Houston Chronicle here.

The Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas (FOIFT) is a member of NFOIC. — eds