Tenacious G

San Diego's top attorney continues his mission to discredit the authenticity of advocacy group San Diegans for Open Government. Last week, the city attorney's office issued a handful of subpoenas to several group members, ostensibly to poke holes in the nonprofit and thus gain an advantage in their lawsuit that challenges Business Improvement Districts.

In recent months, as the city and Cory Briggs — attorney for San Diegans for Open Government — grapple over high-profile cases, Goldsmith and his attorneys have seemingly looked to find proof that the nonprofit is not about justice but instead is a tool to line Briggs' pockets.

The city attorney has demanded to see contracts, membership dues, or anything else that shows the group is what it says it is. Most recently, Goldsmith and deputy city attorneys have tried to show that the group's members, if in fact they are members, are without legal standing because they do not own businesses. Continue>>>