Supervisors sued by San Diegans for Open Government

From East County Magazine:

August 22, 2012 (San Diego)—Some people just don’t learn.  Back in January, San Diego Supervisors  got sued for hiding information from the public about a developer-backed scheme to eliminate community planning groups.The Board backed down to avoid a trial, vacated votes and held a hearing with proper public notice and open—thoughheated–public testimony. 

Now history has repeated itself. San Diegans for Open Government has filed a lawsuit alleging that Supervisors once more violated the Ralph M. Brown Act. According to the suit, this time the County failed to post an agenda for Supevisors' June 26, 2012 agenda on  the County website for the 72-hours required by state law. Supevisors further failed to postpone the meeting, took action on agenda items and refused to allow members of the public to address Supervisors on a key agenda item.