Sunshine Week offers chance to demand more info from Yellowstone area government bodies


CODY, WYO. — Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks are beloved around the world for their unique thermal features, wildlife and scenery, so there’s never any shortage of passion over issues that affect how the parks and their resources are managed. But those passions often lead to deep and long-lasting disputes that are sometimes fueled in part by ignorance and suspicion in the face of incomplete information and insufficient transparency about governmental processes. Members of the public are always clamoring for details, for instance, about how decisions are made in managing bears, wolves and bison. Another issue currently in the news that begs for greater transparency is the decision-making process behind how the Congressionally mandated budget cuts known as sequestration will affect services in the parks, including when Yellowstone entry gates will open in the spring and why three visitor centers in Grand Teton won’t open this summer.