Special session raises coronavirus concern in Nevada capital

A day before the Nevada Legislature convened for a special budget session, Kelly Crompton, a lobbyist for the city of Las Vegas, boarded a Southwest flight and headed north to Carson City.

Air travel amid the coronavirus pandemic felt wrong, Compton wrote in a Twitter post . But as a consolation, she observed that half of the passengers were also headed to the state’s special legislative session. Compton wore multiple face coverings as protection against COVID-19.

Nevada begins its special session Wednesday amid outbreaks in other statehouses, including California, where five Assembly employees, including a Los Angeles assemblywoman, tested positive Monday for COVID-19, and Mississippi, where health officials announced at least eight lawmakers have tested positive.

In Nevada, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has risen since the state started reopening casinos June 4. Other businesses including restaurants and hair salons opened in May. (Read more)