Seattle Police Department Leader Gets Transparency Award for Bodycam Program

The Seattle Police Department, for once, is in the headlines for completely positive reasons. Today, the department's new body camera streaming program—which auto-posts videos from the bodycam pilot program to YouTube—was covered by NBC's Today Show. And yesterday, the Washington Coalition for Open Government (WCOG) recognized Mike Wagers, the chief operating officer hired by Chief Kathleen O'Toole, for his involvement in launching the program.

"When the Seattle Police Department received an open records request to produce every video ever recorded by the department," WCOG said in a statement, "they didn’t stonewall or obfuscate like so many other agencies have done. Instead, SPD Chief Operating Officer Mike Wagers offered to work with the requestor on complying with these requests, while balancing privacy concerns and public disclosure requirements."

Wagers said he's accepting the award on behalf of the department and Tim Clemans, the 24-year-old programmer who requested all the videos. Continue>>>