Search for LSU president dodged public eye

From The Daily Reveille:

Participants in the secretive process of selecting the LSU president were advised to systemically avert Louisiana public records laws, according to the transcript released Saturday of Presidential Search Committee chairman Blake Chatelain’s deposition last Monday.
According to Chatelain’s comments in the transcript, the University’s lead legal counsel Shelby McKenzie advised committee members to use personal email accounts and avoid written communication regarding the specific candidates and their names, all in an effort to avoid communication that would fall under Louisiana public records laws.
Editor in Chief of The Daily Reveille Andrea Gallo filed suit against the University earlier this month — after being denied public records requests for all of the candidates’ names — on the grounds that, by Louisiana law, the names and qualifications of candidates for public positions must be made public. | The Times-Picayune and The Advocate filed suit as well.