Princess Diana death dossier is censored 65 TIMES by civil servants

Whitehall chiefs have reluctantly handed the Sunday People an official log detailing the hours ­after Princess Diana died in Paris – but only after massively censoring it.

Civil servants spent five months fobbing off repeated Freedom of Information requests for the British Embassy document. And it was finally released only after Home Secretary Theresa May gave her approval. But the log, typewritten on three tatty foolscap pages, had 65 deletions.

Almost all of them were of names that have been in the ­public domain for the 16 years since Diana’s car crash death. The list includes the Prince of Wales, Diana’s sisters Sarah and Jane and even France’s then-president Jacques Chirac. Incredibly, penpushers had also deleted “his” and “her”, claiming they had no choice ­because they had to protect all individuals’ rights to privacy. Continue>>>