Pentagon agrees to publish Manning rulings

From Salon:

Following multiple FOIA requests from journalists and pressure from human rights group, the Pentagon Wednesday published 84 judicial orders and rulings from the court-martial proceedings for Bradley Manning.

Up until now the only access to these documents has come second-hand. As the Guardian’s Ed Pilkington described it, the refusal to publish the documents, “has led to an Alice in Wonderland world where  [presiding military judge Denise] Lind has read out documents in court, which are then reported in the media.”

Via Pilkington:

The 84 documents released by the army include court rulings on defence and government motions, and orders that set the scheduling of the trial that is currently earmarked to begin on 3 June. But the batch constitutes only a tiny portion of the huge mountain of paperwork that has already been generated in the proceedings, including some 500 documents stretching to 30,000 pages.