Opinion: FOIA information is fair game

As students and journalists, knowing the ins and outs of what goes on at our University is important. Whether that means knowing where our money is going, what is happening with regards to administration, or who is coming to campus, we like to know it all. Requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act helps us do that. The act allows us to legally obtain this information and doing so allows us to gain better insight about happenings on our campus. The information and transparency of FOIA content is open to everyone.

Earlier this month, The Oklahoma Daily, the student newspaper at the University of Oklahoma, published a copy of the contract between musician Jack White and the university. This contract revealed that the University of Oklahoma spent $80,000 to get White to perform on campus.

The contract also listed very specific requests from White, who demanded that the University of Oklahoma not allow a single banana in his sight. Homemade guacamole, in contrast, had to be in the band’s dressing room, and the contract even included a recipe. Continue>>>