Open Gov Local Gov – Open Government Guide

From participatory budgeting in Porto Alegre to social audits in Andra Pradesh to tracking snow ploughs in Chicago, many of the most iconic examples of open government innovation have been created not by national governments, but by cities, states or provinces. This is perhaps not surprising, since local authorities are often responsible for the tangible public services, from road maintenance to education, and sanitation to policing, that form the most immediate relationships between government and citizens.

Although The Open Government Guide is mainly written from the perspective of national government implementation, many of the actions described also apply to local government.

To make the Guide more useful and accessible to people concerned with local government transparency, accountability and participation, we have added a new Local Government resource page which highlights examples of open government innovation by local authorities, and commitments that national governments are making as part of the OGP to enable, support and encourage subnational action. It links to topics in the The Guide that are particularly relevant to local authorities, as well as networks and resources developed by others. Continue>>>