ONMA legislative update, including pending open government issues

By Monica Nieporte, Executive Director

It has been a busy couple of weeks at the Ohio Statehouse. In addition to trying to get our own legislation introduced about adding open meetings to the court of claims process and getting an anti-SLAPP bill moving again, we have been researching and weighing in on a few other topics.

The good news is there are no surprises in the state budget from either a business or access to information standpoint. Granted, amendments can change that so we will be vigilant to make sure nothing unexpected happens.

The Ohio Department of Commerce is tweaking some language that will allow them to use any electronic medium or print medium of the director’s choosing as a supplemental way to get the word out about unclaimed funds. Initially we were concerned that they might be trying to shift away from the print notices but they remain intact and the department is a big fan of them. They say they far and away get the most response from the ads you run in your papers. (Read more here…)