Oklahoma Joe: Government transparency must improve

This has nothing to do with whether Oklahoma Rep. Dan Kirby is innocent of sexual harassment, as he claims. This has nothing to do with whether University of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon deserves a second chance after a video showed him punching a woman who had slapped him.

This has everything to do with our right to know what transpires in a public setting or how our taxpayer dollars are being spent.

By now, you may know about both stories. You may have formed strong opinions about both, too.
However, what makes this even more outrageous is that the surveillance video involving Mixon took 2½ years and probably thousands of dollars in attorney fees before it was released in an 8-1 Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling. Every OU fan and Oklahoman should be embarrassed by the countless number of times it has been shown on TV and online after Dec. 16, so many times that one anchor asked his production team to stop showing it. It reignited harsh feelings toward Mixon as well as the victim of his punch. Continue…