NR: Canadian company announces Community plaftorm for open data

Civic Dynamics has announced its formation and unveiled its Civic Dynamics Platform (CDP), the first truly dynamic, open-data platform for local governments. CDP's underlying open-source software and supporting systems enable municipalities to publish open government data in a dynamic format that allows citizens to easily view, mix, match and analyze it. The company is a partnership with two U.S. companies, Structured Dynamics, open data and semantic technology experts, and Buzzr, a Drupal-based hosted content management platform for building affordable yet robust websites.

“Civic Dynamics takes open government data to entirely new levels,” said Michael Bergman, CEO of Structured Dynamics. “Citizens need easy tools to analyze the mountains of available open government data. CDP is the first provider of dynamic open data technology that lets citizens see what government data is available, select what’s important to them, analyze it and have a simple mechanism for contributing back their own information and thoughts. It’s truly a dynamic technology for better citizen engagement.” Continue >>>