Newly Formed Partnership Will Better Train Cities to Use Data, Evidence

One of the largest advocacy groups for municipal governments in the nation has committed to helping its members enhance their use of data and evidence to solve local problems. 

The National League of Cities (NLC) in partnership with Results for America (RFA), a lead partner within Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities, will cultivate several opportunities for local government leadership. This will include a series of workshops, called NLC University, to address foundational data practices in the local government space. 

The workshops ultimately allow participants to work toward What Works Cities certifications while advancing their understandings of data and evidentiary practices.

“Last year, What Works Cities set a new standard of excellence in data-driven governance with the introduction of certification,” Clarence Anthony, National League of Cities CEO, said in a press release. “NLC is proud to partner with Results for America to bring these best practices to our membership and help them reach that bar. Together, we can drive better outcomes that have the power to improve the lives of millions of our cities’ residents.” (read more…)