New Mexico judge to review behavioral Health Audit

Press release from The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government: Albuquerque – In response to a lawsuit filed by The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government (NMFOG), District Court Judge Sarah Singleton has decided she will review the behavioral health audit for items to be disclosed or kept confidential.

During the proceeding, the Attorney General’s made note that they believe the audit should be kept confidential, even after the investigation has been completed, which we found quite disturbing. NMFOG is hopeful in the release of the redacted audit.

NMFOG had been forced to file the lawsuit in State District Court in Santa Fe in mid-September after the Attorney General and HSD had refused NMFOG’s request for the report, providing only a heavily redacted version. To see the full text of the released Behavioral Health Audit, see “NMFOG in the news” section on the website.

Please contact Greg Williams at or (505) 238-8120 for more details.

Please find the press release here. In addition, you can read our blog post, NMFOG sues AG’s office, HSD to release behaviorla health audit, for more background.

The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government is a member of NFOIC. –eds