New Mexico groups sue for release of behavioral health audit

From New Mexico Telegram:  One of the main points of controversy in the suspension of funding to behavioral health providers is the secrecy of the audit that prompted the findings.

Various media outlets, and the accused non-profits themselves, have sought to see the audit. So far, only ancillary portions of the audit have been released.

New Mexico In Depth and the Las Cruces Sun-News are two organizations that have filed Inspection of Public Records Act requests for the release of the audit. They were both rebuffed and now have filed a lawsuit asking for the release.

“The state continues to think it can operate above the law,” said Sun-News Editor Jim Lawitz in an article at NM In Depth on the suit. “They can’t. The public has a right to know what those findings are and how it impacts members of our community.”


The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, a group dedicated to transparency and openness in state government, said in a statement Wednesday that they are reviewing legal options in the case.

Update: NFOIC member New Mexico Foundation for Open Government tweeted this on August 28: "NM FOG will be joining the legal fray to crack open the contents of the secret Behavioral Health audit. Stay tuned!"

More about the suits here and more about the audits here.