New Mexico celebrates openness in the government

From Rio Grande Sun:

The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government held its annual Dixon lunch Oct. 3 in Albuquerque. The group honored four people who represent what is good in government, journalism, politics and the legal world. Additionally we honored Jim Dines, a recently retired lawyer who spent much of his career fighting for the cause of open government.


Several of the people who nominated the winners spoke about the difference between working in the newspaper business 30 years ago and today. Albuquerque Journal editor Kent Walz spoke of politicians and public officials just ignoring the media because they could. With no Inspection of Public Records Act, reporters had few tools to get solid information regarding anything from bids to police reports to simple minutes from meetings.


There’s good news for those interested in learning how to lead an open meeting and provide true access to public documents. The Foundation will be presenting one of its “road shows” at the Espanola Middle School Oct. 16. Executive Director Gwyneth Doland is being brought here by Espanola School District’s union. The union is fortunate in that its liaison, Charles Goodmacher is on the Foundation’s Board and is a big believer in openness.

Learn more on the NMFOG’s website.

The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government is a member of NFOIC. — eds