Mill Creek (WA) manager seeks $1 million in damages from city

“The City Attorney (Scott Missall) and Mayor Pro Tem (Brian Holtzclaw) told Mrs. Polizzotto that the council asked them to convey to Mrs. Polizzotto that it was unanimous in its position that it did not want Mrs. Polizzotto to leave city employment, and further conveyed that she had the support of the entire council.”

By that time, state auditors were finalizing a yearly accountability report focused on the city’s credit card practices, including charges for alcohol and questionable meals on Polizzotto’s card.

The damage claim notes that those transactions had been reviewed by the state auditor’s “fraud unit and no fraud was found.”

The state auditor did issue what’s called a finding — their way of flagging a serious accounting issue that should be addressed. The report tallied $269 in charges for alcohol and another $955 for eyebrow-raising meal expenses on the city manager’s card.

The damage claim alleges the council handled complaints about Polizzotto differently because of her gender. To support that assertion, the claim points to a labor complaint that accused Police Chief Greg Elwin of intimidation and bullying. (Read more…)