MD: Worcester Board of Education found in violation of open meeting laws

In response to a complaint, the Maryland Open Meetings Compliance Board recently determined the Worcester County Board of Education violated four provisions of Maryland’s Open Meetings Act. 

Open meeting laws are designed to provide broad public access to public records while respecting privacy rights of citizens and protecting legitimate government interests, according to the Maryland attorney general’s website.

Maryland’s Open Meetings Act generally requires state and local public bodies to hold their meetings in full public view. It also requires these public agencies to provide adequate public meeting notices and provide public access to meeting minutes. 

The Open Meetings Compliance Board, whose three members are appointed by the governor, issues advisory opinions in response to written complaints, which in this case were filed by a former Kent County-based reporter. 

According to a Feb. 7 report issued by the compliance board, four violations of the Open Meetings Act were cited: Read more…