Make ‘Sunshine Week’ memorable for open government

Editorial from Kitsap Sun:

A litany of bills aimed at amending the state’s Public Records Act — in both good and bad ways — again surfaced in Olympia this legislative session. While it’s encouraging to see some legislators fight for the public’s right to know and transparent government, a handful of others remind us that protecting access to government is an ongoing battle.

The week of March 10 is known nationally as Sunshine Week, when news organizations, the Washington Coalition for Open Government and others interested in open government lobby for policy that increases transparency.

This year it also happens to be the week when lawmakers hit a deadline for legislative bills to be passed out of the house of origin. If a bill hasn’t been voted on the floor by Wednesday, March 13, it’ll wait ‘til next year.

The Washington Coalition for Open Government is a member of NFOIC. –eds