LSU presidential search records will be given to judge, but not public, under new compromise

From The Times-Picayune: Information about the candidates LSU considered for university president will be provided to a state district judge, but not to the public or the newspapers who are suing for the information, under a new compromise between the attorneys in the case.

The information will be kept secret until LSU finishes its appeals process, which could take months. | The Times-Picayune and The Advocate are suing LSU for the information, saying Louisiana law requires the records to be made public. The university claims F. King Alexander, who ultimately got the job, was the only official "applicant" required to be made public, though at least 35 "semi-finalists" were evaluated by a search committee.

Judge Janice Clark, 19th Judicial District Court, agreed in an April ruling that the information about the wider candidate pool is public record, but LSU has opted not to release it and instead pay $500 per day in contempt fees. The total is now more than $60,000.

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