Leading OMB Watch into a new era

From OMB Watch's new executive director, Katherine McFate:

I am proud to take the helm of this important organization. That OMB Watch is so widely respected for its timely, accurate policy analysis and outstanding record of public interest advocacy is a testament to the values, expertise, and commitment of founder Gary Bass. Thanks to Gary, I have inherited a talented staff; an engaged, supportive Board; and an organization with openness, collegiality, and hard work hard-wired into its culture. Gary has been incredibly generous with his time and wisdom during this transition and I am deeply grateful. He'll always be the "wise head" of the OMB Watch family.

As OMB Watch enters a new era, we will continue to be driven by the belief that a well-functioning democracy and effective, accountable government demand an informed, engaged citizenry. OMB Watch will remain at the forefront of efforts to protect the hard-won air quality, water purity, food safety, and workplace standards that have safeguarded American families and communities for decades. We will work to ensure that information on the flow of public monies, the activities of public servants, and the performance of public investments is broadly available and accessible to all. We will defend critical public programs and build coalitions to protect current revenue streams and to create new ones.

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