Lawsuit seeks to restore FOIA access to NSC records

From Politico:  A legal clinic seeking information on the U.S. Government's use of drone strikes and "kill lists" in the war on terror is mounting a headlong drive to restore the Freedom of Information Act's reach into the White House.

For decades, the core federal transparency law had some—albeit limited—purchase in the White House. At least some National Security Council records could be obtained through FOIA, along with some administrative records relating to White House operations.

The window to access NSC records through FOIA slammed shut in 1994, during President Bill Clinton's tenure, and was nailed shut by the D.C. Circuit in a 2-1 ruling in 1996.

Now, President Barack Obama's administration is fighting an effort to pry that window open again. In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Brooklyn, N.Y., lawyers and law students connected with the City University of New York are arguing that the "day has come" for the courts to revisit the question of whether the NSC should be subject to FOIA.

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