Lawsuit claims Vermont towns restricted public records

Nine Vermont municipalities, including Northfield and Shrewsbury, are being sued because of a claim they have been prohibiting or restricting access to public government records, citing COVID-19 concerns, according to a lawsuit filed in Vermont Superior Court in Burlington.

The lawsuit has major statewide implications because the final ruling could impact how taxpayers can get proper access to all kinds of public records stored in town halls across Vermont. It also could determine how more than 240 municipal clerks and their staffs will be required to provide service during the pandemic.

The communities named in the lawsuit are Bolton, Georgia, Lincoln, Milton, Northfield, Plainfield, Shrewsbury, South Burlington and Whiting.

A hearing is planned for Friday in Superior Court in Burlington on the lawsuit filed by a group of lawyers that are involved in helping people buying and selling real estate and the need to secure title insurance for properties.

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