Lawmakers should ensure public can get information

THE ISSUE: Freedom of Information Act; OUR OPINION: Legislature should make improvements to law a top priority

Do you believe the police should be held accountable when they shoot someone? Do you believe you have a right to know when your county or city council is considering raising your taxes? Do you believe when children die in state custody state agencies should be held accountable?

If so, youíd better tell your state lawmakers soon. These topics and others came up at a House subcommittee hearing this past week. Last month, a Senate committee considered the same issues. Lawmakers are looking at making changes to the state Freedom of Information Act, and they need to know you value government transparency.

One of the possible changes is a response to a state Supreme Court ruling earlier this year declaring that autopsy records are medical records and therefore private. The very case on which the court made its ruling provides an excellent example of why this ruling jeopardizes South Carolinians. Continue>>>