Iowa open government road show starts this week


“The People Have the Power: Making a Difference in Your Community” is an interactive, 90-minute workshop that will introduce you to the tools for becoming an engaged, informed citizen.
The program is funded by a grant from the National Freedom of Information Coalition, but the “community conversations” we will create together are uniquely Iowan. In several different ways these days, we Iowans are creating a national model for civil, civic engagement.
This project arises from a statewide poll that the Iowa FOI Council commissioned just about this time last year. We found that Iowans trust their government, but they also whole-heartedly embrace the principles of openness. As taxpayers, they want to know how government officials are spending their money. In the tension between openness and privacy, Iowans endorse more transparency and they welcome more opportunities for input into government decisions. These attitudes cross age, gender, income and political lines, and the opinions of government officials and employees and their families are no different from those of other Iowans.

Iowa Freedom of Information Council is a member of NFOIC.–eds.