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Institutional Rules and Freedom of Choice: Who is the true architect of freedom?

The Legal Studies Institute (LSI) at the College of Staten Island (CSI) presents 'Choosing Not to Choose: Autonomy, Paternalism, and Public Policy,' its inaugural annual lecture that covers Law, Philosophy, and Public Policy on Monday, September 29th at the College of Staten Island Center for the Arts, 2800 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island.

The presenter is Cass R. Sunstein, Professor at Harvard Law School and founder and director of the Program on Behavioral Economics and Public Policy. Previously Mr. Sunstein was Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. He has testified before congressional committees on many subjects, and he has been involved in constitution-making and law reform activities in a number of nations.

The presentation will discuss how governments and private organizations sometimes make 'default' choices for individuals – for example, when they select a health care or retirement plan for them unless they opt out of it. Alternatively, these organizations sometimes force individuals to make an active choice between two or more alternatives as a condition of employment or the receipt of some other benefit or service. Continue>>>