Hunting local public records is faster than federal FOIA — but with a catch

From It's been almost 50 years since the Freedom of Information Act's enactment and accessing information at the federal, state and local level has almost turned into a document lottery.

Over the past few days we have been breaking down what to expect when sending a response and today we take a better look at the difference between federal and state/local agencies.

Analyzing 907 completed MuckRock requests, we found state and local agencies were 20 percent more likely to complete requests in the first 30 days as compared to federal agencies.

But that quicker response comes with a major drawback. Over 70 percent of requests sent to state and local agencies by MuckRock users, were told there were no responsive documents . . . States might be quicker to complete requests because only around 18 percent of the over 2000 requests they have received from our users have been successful in getting documents.

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