Governor Cuomo Highlights Open NY for Sunshine Week

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today honored Sunshine Week by issuing a one-year report on Open NY, an initiative aimed at increasing citizens' engagement with their government, and encouraging New Yorkers to visit the State's comprehensive data transparency website, Data.NY.Gov. The Open NY One-Year Report, which reviews accomplishments and sets the stage for the future of the initiative, is available on Data.NY.Gov.

“Open NY has broken down artificial barriers and used technology that has put an unprecedented amount of information at New Yorkers’ fingertips,” Governor Cuomo said. “This convenient and easily comparable access to the workings of state government is a testament to the work we have done to make government more accessible, more modern, and more efficient.”

Open NY: Transparency in the Digital Age
The ultimate goal of the Open NY initiative is to increase public trust by leveraging the collective genius of our citizenry to increase transparency and improve government performance. The Governor signed Executive Order 95 last March, which recognized that government’s responsibility to provide information to the public through affirmative disclosure has changed in the digital age. The order required for the first time that New York State agencies continually review and catalogue their data for publication in an open format online. It further required the State to create and maintain a website that provides, organizes, and makes searchable open data. That website, Data.NY.Gov, had more information than any other state data site at launch, including over 200 datasets, maps, and charts from over 30 state agencies and authorities. Continue>>>