Governments partner with SAP for open government and open data successes

The Center for Technology in Government at the University at Albany, State University of New York has recently partnered with SAP to produce a research paper on opening government data.

“Open government is about a commitment to ensuring that citizens, the private sector civil society and government itself has a full understanding of what’s going on in government, so they can actively engage in the process of governing,” says Centre Director Theresa Pardo, in the video ‘Best Run Cities’.

Working with open government and open data, Edmonton City’s Office of Traffic and Safety was able to identify which were dangerous roadways and junctions in the city. With that information, they were able to redesign intersections and improve the safety of their city’s roads, tracking fewer accidents, fewer collisions and fewer fatalities, with some cost savings as well. Thus, the City of Edmonton exhibited good data management, combined with salient issues that citizens care about – resulting in a natural win. Continue>>>