Government Data + Maps: 10 Great Examples

Nearly every federal government agency uses geographic information system (GIS) technology to meet various mission goals. Agencies rely on GIS for asset management, citizen engagement, public policy, planning and analysis, disaster response, and much more.

"GIS brings transparency and accountability to federal government by engaging citizens through dynamic, interactive maps," Christopher Thomas, director of federal government solutions for Esri, told InformationWeek Government. Esri offers GIS software and geodatabase management applications that address key federal initiatives and mandates.

Earlier this year, Esri launched an open data initiative centered on helping federal agencies create custom websites to easily share data. Esri made enhancements to ArcGIS Online, a geospatial platform that allows users to create interactive Web maps and apps. The new ArcGIS Online allows organizations — in this case, government agencies — to build custom, open data websites in minutes. The public can then search ArcGIS Online and download data by topic or location, filter the information, and see it on an interactive map. Continue>>>