FOIA portal, VistA bid, Army cyber and SANS templates

The federal web development team 18F is building a one-stop portal for requests for government documents under the Freedom of Information Act. The move advances a key goal of the Obama administration's open government action plan — the creation of a consolidated online FOIA service.

18F is developing the portal in collaboration with a FOIA Task Force with representatives of the Department of Justice, the Environmental Protection Agency (an early participant in, a FOIA request portal that covers multiple agencies), the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Office of Management and Budget.

18F has released an early prototype on what a government-wide FOIA portal might look like. According to a blog post, the new tools are designed to streamline the request process, and to provide access to records and materials that have already been released under previous FOIA requests. There's no timeline yet on when a portal might be ready for beta testing or public launch. Continue>>>