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EPA checking if all of Pruitt’s email accounts were included in FOIA responses

The Environmental Protection Agency is reviewing all of its Freedom of Information Act responses under Administrator Scott Pruitt to ensure that they included all four of Pruitt’s email accounts.

Steven Fine, the EPA’s deputy chief information officer, told Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman John Barrasso, R-Wyo., in a letter released Thursday that the agency’s long-held policy is to search all emails, secondary or otherwise, in responding to FOIA and congressional requests.

Nevertheless, Fine said the agency will conduct a review of all searches made in response to FOIA requests as long as Pruitt has been head of the agency.

“As long as EPA administrators have had secondary email accounts, EPA staff have routinely searched requested accounts in response to FOIA and congressional requests,” Fine’s letter to Barrasso read.

“However, in response to your concern, my office is conducting a full review of the searches conducted regarding FOIA requests seeking Administrator Pruitt’s emails,” the letter continued. Read more…