Editorial: Where open government isn’t open

If Amsterdam, N.Y. Mayor Ann Thane spent as much time addressing reality as she does dodging it — or
giving it a fresh coat of white wash — she might have more time to fix what’s broken here on the home front.

The polarizing leader of this fair city is nearing the final year of her second term in office and as each day passes finds more ways to point the finger at everyone else, bemoaning their flaws and inabilities, instead of taking a good hard look at where the buck truly stops.

In her latest inexplicable denial of accountability, the mayor has spent the better part of three months rebuffing requests from this newspaper — via the Freedom of Information Act —for information pertaining to the financial status of the city of Amsterdam. This, from the same person who scheduled a forum on open government featuring the state’s go-to authority on thesubject, Robert Freeman, executive director of the state Committee on Open Government. Continue>>>